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Sensitivity in teeth has become a prevalent issue these days irrespective of age. People with sensitive teeth also suffer from other issues like gingivitis, cavities, decay etc… as they are unable to brush their teeth with proper toothpaste that can help in the overall dental care. SENSORA® is a boon for people suffering from tooth sensitivity.

SENSORA® is a combination of ages-old ayurvedic herbs and modern medicine. SENSORA not only solves sensitivity issue but also helps in preventing bleeding gums, soothing swollen gums & tonsillitis, bad breath, tooth decay etc.

With just 5 percent Potassium Nitrate, along with THYMOL,


SENSORA® toothpaste combination is dominated by herbs like


Having SENSORA® at home is to have a complete in-house dental care centre that focuses not just on relieving your Teeth Sensitivity but also prevents other teeth and gum problems that became common with the modern haphazard lifestyle.

Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us

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SENSORA® is the only complete rescue against sensitive tooth and a one-stop solution for all your dental problems Its a trusted brand with ayurvedic and modern medical breakthroughs backing; approved by the entire dental fraternity