SENSORA Herbal Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste-Pack of 6 with 2 toothbrushes


  • SAY GOODBYE TO TEETH SENSITIVITY: Sensora natural toothpaste relieves tooth sensitivity due to 5% Potassium Nitrate in it. It builds protection around the nerves and reduces sensation to extreme hot or cold substances. Say hello to strong gums and white teeth
  • FORMULATED BY DENTISTS: Our toothpaste is formulated and highly recommended by dentists who have treated thousands of patients. Each and every ingredient is naturally derived, time tested and provides complete oral care
  • FREE FROM HARSH CHEMICALS: Sensora gel toothpaste is completely free from fluoride, peroxides, parabens, triclosan, preservatives, sugar and gluten. We have not used any artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • ENJOY FRESH BREATH ALL DAY LONG: Sensora paste gives you freshness after every use. It leaves a pleasant taste unlike other brands in the market. Also, it soothes and moisturizes the mouth so that you won’t have dry mouth issues further
  • DERIVED FROM NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The ingredients such as clove (laung), Cinnamon, Thymol, Camphor is responsible for good teeth health. They help in removing plaque and protect the enamel.
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The only toothpaste with the combination of Ayurveda and Modern medicine

Sensora fluoride-free toothpaste gives rapid pain relief along with teeth whitening. you can spot the difference within few weeks of its usage.

This new revolutionary formulation is completely formulated and made in India.

we have made sure to use our own time-tested ingredients to give maximum benefits

One Toothpaste many benefits!

Sensora contains the anti-sensitivity active ingredient Potassium Nitrate that desensitizes the nerve and provides rapid relief.

With the regular use of Sensora, you can taste the hot and cold beverages at any time!

As it is made in India, our costs are less than other competitors by 40%.


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